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"Where Do We Go From Here"

Where do we go from here. It is a statement as much as it is a question. Internationally known medium and clairvoyant, Gretchen Clark answers some questions about what happens when we die, and how and why spirits communicate with us. Filmed in beautiful Lily Dale, NY, this presentation is based on Gretchen's connection with spirit, her own near-death experience and messages she has received from spirit throughout her life. She also gives pointers on developing your own abilities to hear and see spirit. Running Time: 45 minutes
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Comments From Recent Purchasers:

"I can hardly express how touching your story is, set against the winter wonderland of Lily Dale. I shall cherish it and share it with my mother, sister, aunts, and cousins, who so love the peace we have found there over the years - Pam S.

"I really enjoyed your video. It is very nicely done, well produced and informative. Thanks and congratulations."

"I watched your DVD and I loved it! You explained some of the basics of Spiritualism very well and that will be helpful to those who don't really know anything about the religion, science and philosophy of Spiritualism. I'm going to show the DVD to some of my friends so that they can get a better sense of what Spiritualism is all about. I've tried to explain it before, but your DVD does it a lot better!"

"Great work!"
"This is wonderful! I am so glad you did this! "
"I am more than impressed with your presentation.
You should be very pleased with the final product."

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